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Brilliant Driving School offers free Keys2drive Lessons in Perth to help you to learn all the practical skills necessary to become a skilled and efficient solo driver. The keys 2 drive is your pathway from L to P with zero harm.

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Brilliant Driving School is fully involved in keys2drive, one of the largest national driver safety program in Australia for beginner drivers.

Financed by the government of Australia, keys2drive is a youth based road safety program which offers learner drivers and their driving instructor with a free 60 minute driving session with an accredited driving teacher.


Brilliant Driving School has been accredited with keys2drive instructors who are always prepared to offer you this detailed free session across Perth. Feel free to contact us for booking purposes.

What makes the keys2drive lessons standout from a traditional driving lesson?


  • Both the learner driver and the instructor can sit together with an accredited keys 2 drive instructor to help them learn together
  • Young drivers can develop their skills through active self reflection
  • The driving instructors are provided with a detailed coaching model to help young learners develop their skills efficiently
  • Keys2drive lessons can be booked at any time during the learning period
  • However, it is super-effective during the early stages of learning when there is still plenty of time to mi what has been learned into the driving instruction plan
  • An interactive website dedicated to keys2drive lesson supports this session, through which the instructor and learners can learn to reflect upon their skills

At Brilliant Driving School, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to learn, and so we provide you the access to a Government Accredited free driving lesson through Keys2Drive in Perth.

We are one of the finest and few driving schools to offer the Keys2Drive free driving lesson to our learner license holders. However, it should be noted that overseas license holders are not eligible for this course. You only have to be an Australian.


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Requirements to register for your free lesson


  • The learning license number
  • Your email address
  • Your mobile or telephone number

    So, if you are looking for an efficient keys2drive lessons, think no further than Brilliant Driving School. Contact us now to make your booking! Hurry!

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    Brilliant Driving School offers free Keys2drive Lessons which will help you to learn the practical skills to become a safe and solo driver.

    Free Keys2Drive Lessons :

    Keys2drive provides a free lesson to Australian learner license holder with keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor.
    (overseas license holder with learners permit are not eligible).

    Keys2drive brings learner driver and their parent/supervisor driver together with keys2drive accredited driving instructor.

    *It is mandatory to bring the parent/supervisor with you in Keys2Drive lesson.

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